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Academic Calendar 2014/2015

Brewers Hill Middle School, Aldbanks, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 1AJ,
Tel: 01582 666668, Fax: 01582 672708

Government Initiatives IQ recognises Brewers Hill Middle School as an improving School for School Inspection Performance 2013
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- a modern, vibrant and exciting learning environment
Activities pupils have taken part include abseiling, air-rifle shooting, blind trail, bivi building, canoeing, circus frenzy, environmental task force, fencing,
hiking, initiative exercises, kayaking, obstacle course, orienteering, raft building, sailing scavenger hunt, survival, team challenge, wide games, windsurfing.

"Brewers Hill is an excellent school, with plenty of brilliant resources for pupils to use.  I enjoy every day I attend and always look forward to all of the lessons in which I participate".

Daniel Chand-Singh Year 8

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