Brewers Hill Middle School is now closed permanently.

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Please Note:
As of 22nd July 2016, Brewers Hill Middle School is closed permanently.



“Brewers Hill is an excellent school, with plenty of brilliant resources for pupils to use.  I enjoy every day I attend and always look forward to all of the lessons in which I participate”.

Thank you for your interest in our school.  Brewers Hill is a happy and successful school that has been transformed over the last six years.  I hope the following information will give you an idea of the high standards the students achieve at Brewers Hill as well as the extent to which our students enjoy their time here.  Our academic standards have risen year on year and it is easy to see why Ofsted were so impressed with the progress our children make.  We aim for the highest quality teaching and encourage our children to achieve excellence.

We recognise that between the age of nine and thirteen a child’s character, potential and ability will develop rapidly.  At Brewers Hill your child will benefit from a balanced and varied curriculum that provides every one of our pupils with the opportunity to explore their talents and to achieve at every level.

Our priority is to ensure pupils achieve the best academic results, whilst at the same time developing as individual young people.  As a school we attach considerable importance to working with parents, who are seen as partners in the education of our pupils.  As you will see, we expect our pupils to make the most of these opportunities and to make their own personal contribution to the life of the school.

Alongside our established ethos of high achievement, we take pride in our requirement that children work to develop themselves, their families and their community.

Everyone at Brewers Hill has worked hard to create a school of which we are understandably proud.  Our pupils are conscientious, develop excellent relationships with staff and each other and want to succeed.

I am proud to be associated with this caring and unique school and am equally proud of the achievements of the teachers and students at Brewers Hill.  I encourage you to come and visit for yourself.

Mr James Hughes


Extreme Weather Conditions

In the case of the school closing due to extreme weather conditions overnight, details will appear on the scrolling banner on the home page by 7am, daily.